M3DLoC Project Open Day 2022

Hybrid event

Date: Friday, 24th June 2022

Location: Lavrion Technological & Cultural Park (Attica), Greece & online

The final Open Day took place on the 24 June 2022 as a hybrid event at Lavrion Technological & Cultural Park (Attica), Greece and online. This event had 51 people registered to attend, external participants, coming from the following organisations: AnotherBrain, University of the Aegean/Nanoplasmas PC, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, BSRC “Alexander Fleming“, ANODYNE NANOTECH and FORTH/IESL. The event was widely publicised on LinkedIn and other social media.

M3DLoC Project Open Day 2020

Brussels, 23rd January 2020

The M3DLoC Project had its 1st Open Day Workshop & Exhibition on the 23rd January 2020, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.

The aim of this workshop was to bring together experts, developers and end-users, to discuss exciting new developments in the project and in the field of microfluidic biomedical devices, development of 3D printing equipment and use of nanomaterials such as graphene for 3D printing applications. The workshop was a unique occasion for networking, related EC project clustering and enhancement of exploitation opportunities.

Senior members coming from leading bio-medical organisations participated in the M3DLoC Open Day 2020 Workshop and Exhibition, such as: GSK, GE Healthcare (Whatman), Viscofan, Fluigent, Keralty among others.

Tim Cummins, CTO, demonstrates Altratech’s BeadCAP DNA/RNA detection sensor to attendees from GSK, GE-Healthcare and others. “M3DLoC and H2020 EXPO days are an important means of connecting biotech startups such as Altratech with large-multinational pharma and healthcare companies, and seeding strategic partnerships to accelerate novel technologies to the market.”